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This small husky farm is situated 20 kilometres from the closest village (Kuhmo) and 2 kilometres from the closest neighbour. It is a permanent home for the owner of the company and his dogs. The farm is on a
lakeshore in the wilderness and it is very rare to see any other people on “our” lake. The main building is a traditional log cabin which used to be a base for the forest workers. It is simple but has the modern comforts such as electricity, running water and indoor toilet. There is no shower, but you can wash yourself with hot water every evening in the sauna. The sauna is another log building which is right on the lakeshore; one has to take approximately five steps before jumping in to the lake.

The cabin has a kitchen and a living room for the common use. Guests have their own bedroom with a fireplace and a view to a lake. In summer time there is a second bedroom, a bit smaller than the main guest room, but also with a view to the lake. The guest rooms are with double or twin beds depending on how the guests wish. There is mobile phone coverage and one should be able to connect to internet with smart-phones. There is also a computer with internet access if needed.

Food that is served is based strongly on local ingredients; fish (usually caught from the own lake), mushrooms, game meat, vegetables and potatoes. Special dietary needs (gluten-free-, lactose-free-, vegetarian-, low-carb diets etc.) are fulfilled if asked in advance.

The dogs on the farm are friendly Siberian huskies. They live outside, usually two to three dogs per one cage. Occasionally some are staying inside. Most of the time they are very silent. They are only noisy when being exited: for example because of feeding or when they are taken out for sledding, hiking etc. Anyhow, no need for earplugs during the nights!

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