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Routa Travel news are mostly found only on Facebook and not here on webpages.  But no worries, it is a public profile so anyone can see the posts without "liking" the page or even registering on Facebook. Routa Travel Facebook page can be found here.


Next week we will have the first guestst of the winter for our longest winter tour. Four days of dogsledding in a beautiful snowy wilderness. Our own private trails are now in a good shape, thanks for a proper snowfall during the last few weeks.

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Also the puppies are growing up fast, being now big enough to jump on the armchairs. They both like to sleep on sheep hides, although Hurja has sometimes problems keeping the hide in a good order.

hilda tuolillahurja tuolilla


Kids are growing up so fast! Little baby-boy Friday, better known as PikkuPerjantai, has turned two years today. On his birthday he had a day-off with few others, while the rest were entertaining some russian guests. Picture below is taken last August at the sandy shores of Lake Lentua, in Kuhmo.

routatravel friday biitsilla



Two Siberian Husky puppies Hurja (male) & Hilda (female) arrived to cheer up our christmas on 22nd December. These two black cuties have already stolen many hearts among our international christmas guests. For some reason all the proper pictures seem to be taken while puppies are asleep. 

sleeping with guests nukutaan sylissapennut takapihalla


DSCF0217Routa Travel web pages are now online and our It-Crowd is kept busy providing the content. More information about us and our tours coming soon.


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